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Crypto Art - NFT

Series "In the rhythm of a new time"

The series "In the rhythm of a new time" is the first NFT (Crypto Art) series made by the artist Natacha Kadhija. The artist transformed one of her paintings ("Allusion to someone") into digital art/NFTs, making it more interactive, with new contexts. These contexts are related to the emergence of NFTs (Crypto Art) and everything that is connected to that (that's why the series title is "In the rhythm of a new time"), giving more possibilities for artists to express themselves and create new approaches for their works, like in this series, with the same artwork having different effects and interpretations. "Getting into the metaverse" is really about this first contact of the artwork with NFTs, transforming into a new version, interacting with a new economic world, with cryptocurrencies, decentralization, inside the Blockchain, having a new value, connecting to this new layer of the virtual world, the metaverse. "Becoming digital" is about this transformation that the artworks had when they became digital with NFTs, with more possibilities of creation, effects and new movements that digital art gave to artists. "Being alive" is showing that NFTs also bring more life to the artworks and their creators, also being fun and interactive, making digital art elevate to a new standard, also connected to new technologies and economies that are part of the NFTs. All the NFTs are available on Rarible and Open Sea. To learn more about the NFTs, watch the videos below, where the artist talks about each one of them.

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