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Crypto Art - NFT

  Series  "Utopic Portals" 

The series “Utopic Portals" is a series of 5 unique NFTs (1/1), presented with videos showing landscapes inspired by different themes (visionary, ethereal, surreal, nature and fantasy), exploring creativity to give different sensations and experiences to the public, while they get inside these worlds. The portals are considered utopic because they are inside utopic worlds, and also because they capture art inside of them, and art is the ultimate connection and expression between life situations and other people, generating beauty and magical effects. The artworks presented inside the portals are paintings created by Natacha Kadhija, appearing and disappearing from the composition, activating the portals. The series was made with Digital Art, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the paintings created by Natacha Kadhija. The NFTs that are part of the series are available to buy on Makersplace. You can see more about the series in the videos below. 

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