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Crypto Art - NFT

  Series  "Wild Flowers" 

 "Wild Flowers" is a series of 5 unique NFTs (1/1), created by Natacha Kadhija. The artworks show elements from nature (flowers) in digital formats (to create a contrast between nature/digital), presenting some possibilities that exist in this medium to make them more interesting and creative. In a symbolic way, the artworks (Wild Flowers) make a reference to the feminine and women in general, showing that even having beauty and harmony connected to them, they also have a wild side, always unique, surprising, and strong. Natacha Kadhija already developed another series related to this theme, and this is also a tribute to the feminine and all the aspects that are part of women's universe, showing one more time the power that they have. This series was made with Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence (AI).The NFTs that are part of the series are available to buy on Makersplace. You can see more about the series in the videos below. 

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