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Crypto Art - NFT

  Series  "Transformations" 

 "Transformations" is a series that presents original landscapes created by Natacha Kadhija with Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The NFTs have different effects and concepts, transforming into new versions of themselves, more colorful, ludic, and fun. It is a series that shows how creativity, freedom, colors, rhythms, movements, and all that is possible to add to a composition makes a difference, generating an impact on the creation and the viewers with a new level of interaction and meaning, proving that creation is unlimited. And also that art should always be about experimentation and innovation. The transformations shown in each NFT also represent the transformations that the environments and people, in general, have in their contexts, showing that nothing is static and that life and everything around always changes. The NFTs that are part of the series are available to buy on Makersplace. You can see more about the series in the videos below. 

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